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"You know you really like a book when you can list at least four people for whom you feel obligated to buy it…Lubelski's approach provides a marvelous antidote to the consumerism that seems so inescapable today…With its hip tone, this book would be particularly useful to give to one of those naive 23-year-olds who actually thinks a Prada handbag will bring lasting joy…This is one of those books that encourages people to fight back against the relentless homogenization of our society."
-USA Today

"Nava Lubelski is the kind of girl you'd want to have at your party…a delightful handbook for others who seek a more mindful, creative and budget-conscious existence…a cheeky and workable alternative model to the consumerist culture we live in."
-The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

“…a fun primer for entertaining living on a budget.”

"Nava Lubelski is a subversive Martha Stewart who intersperses easy, funky projects with art information."
-The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)

“The book is a witty, lighthearted and easy-to-follow guide to making your home fun and functional on a threadbare budget…her home improvement and design projects really impress…The writing, too, is refreshing. Her warm sense of humor about the art world dovetails with the accessible how-tos: She'll drop the name of minimalist sculptor Donald Judd in the middle of instructions for making a shelf from an oven rack.”
-Philadelphia City Paper

"…one part craft book, one part cookbook, one part bluffer’s guide to cultural literacy and one part lifestyle handbook. I usually dislike these Bohemia for Dummies-style books, but Lubelski’s has got some cool recycling ideas. The shopping bag woven out of plastic shopping bags, to name just one easy project, is an idea whose time has come."
-Missoula Independent

"This is a great all-around craft book to keep on hand. Anytime you’re itching to do something creative, take a look at this book for simple projects to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. "
-Chill Magazine

"A few are a bit nutty (I can think of few people who'd collect pet hair to make felt), but you have to respect the originality of her projects. Many craft books are guilty of stealing projects wholesale from ReadyMade magazine, and this isn't one of them."
-The Austin Chronicle

-Pacific Northwest Inlander

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